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Rey Tha Rebel interview

Rey Tha Rebel interview

-Hi Rey, give us a few words about you. Where & how did you grow up ?

I grew up in Stockton, California, out in the Eastside. It's in Northern Cali about a hour away from Oakland. Came up in the struggle, raised in one of the murder capitol's. Growing up was tough but managed to get by.

.How did you get into Rap music ?

I started doin music around 2002 after my big homie started to buy some studio equipment. After a while I gravitated towards the music as well, starting with production and slowly got into writing and sequencing songs together. The fist project's I started to work on was a group consisting of me and my cousin "Sceam & Gee" but those were all underground and unreleased albums.

-Tell us about the Rap scene in Stockton,CA at that time ?

The rap scene at that time was full of individuality, everyone had there own flows and sound. You had C.O.P.S. Camp Crisis, Doja Clik, Young Erupt who Pproduced a lot of his own beats, It was a good time in the city. Everyone embracing their talents and tryna put the city on the map.

-Which are your influences ? Who you worked with ? Who would you like to work with ?

Most of my influences where from the 209 and 916 (Sacramento) of course the Bay. Young Droop was a huge influence on my sound at the time. As well as Brotha Lynch, C-Bo, Hollowtip, Tech N9ne to name a few. As far as who I want to work with. I'd love to collab with Ty Dolla Sign, Miguel, on the rap side I'd still want to work with the O.G.s. Lynch, C-Bo, Tech N9ne. They are on my bucket list

-About your album «Cinematic» , could you tell us about the making and recording ?

The making was calculated and well thought out as far as production and features. I did it all independent out my own pocket, no co-signs just ambition with the concept to take all the artists in a different direction sonically. I wanted it to sound huge and cinematic. And that's exactly how it came out.

-How did you get into contact with the featuring artists ?

I got at everyone live and direct, asked how much they needed and made it happen, they all blessed me with great verses. Also I worked with Kaoz The Assassin before he passed away (R.I.P.) but the song is unreleased.

-When we started to talk, you told us about Young Droop. Since how long you know him? Is he still into rap music?

I met Droop around 2015. An artist named HEX from Modesto CA, connected the dots on that. Initially we planned on me doin his next solo album (Chupacabra) with me producing the whole thing which is unreleased due to his incarceration.

-Did the album sell well ? How many copies were pressed & how did you promote it ?

The album didn't do as good as it should have, at the time of its digital release I was goin through some personal issues and moving so it never got pressed or promoted properly, but its not about sales with me. It's all about the art and getting the respect from my Peers and O.Gs. and creating a classic album.

-What's next ? Any new other project to come ?

Yea I got a few albums in the works, the 1st one's a EP produced by Cardo Got Wings (Wiz Khalifa, Larry June, G.Perico) and another one "Game Exclusive" dropping this year as well.

-Your feeling about the Rap game nowadays ?

I still enjoy a lot of it. The rap game is a young man's game. It's for the young, it always has been. The kids run that. There's exceptions like Snoop and Jay but for the most part if your older and doin it for the money u probably should do somthin else.

-Any last words ?

Yea shout out to The Good Ol'Dayz for the interview, and shout out to all the old and new upcoming artists out the 209.

Thanks Rey for the interview, you can buy his album on CDBaby or Amazon. Support the artist  and be on the lookout for his upcoming projects !


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