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Wonder Gang Interview

-Hi guys ! Give us a few words about you. Where & how did you grow up ? How did you get into Rap music ?

We go by Wonder Gang and it's us TK Savage and Keith Wonder. We are two brothers from Dallas Texas, originally born in Zimbabwe.
We both grew up in a house that was always surrounded by music playing from vinyls and cds that our pops and my moms used to play.
We were always fascinated by music just in general but this was way before we even knew we would rap.
We would watch Diddy, Jay-Z, Tupac, Kanye, etc...Those are the most impactful ones that come to memory, but we would watch on TV and started wishing we were in those shoes as superstars one day.
It really started with us playing around with like one of those Skype headset mics haha.
We would hook it up to Audacity for free and record ideas while also going to friends house that made music. After a while we were self taught on how to record and produce songs. TK Savage learned to use production software with a beat pad while Keith Wonder would rap in his bedroom with him. Eventually we both started rapping and took off from there.

-Tell us about the Rap scene in Dallas,TX at that time ?

The rap scene in Dallas at that time was very small. We had no one really that blew up from Dallas on a global level. We listened to Dorrough Music, Big Tuck, and just a couple others. The Dallas music scene really grew since those days and now there's a bunch more artists making noise even on a global level.

-Which were your influences ? Who you worked with ? Who would you like to work with ?

Our sound is influenced by Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Jay-Z, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, Pimp C, James Blake, Drake, Travis Scott, just to name
a few.
We haven't worked with any notable big names yet but we would like to work with Mike Dean, Kanye, Travis Scott is another big one Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Rae Sremmurd. There's also some producers who's sound we like, Hit-Boy, Murda Beatz, Mike Dean, OZ, Anthony Kilhoffer, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., JWhiteDidIt, the list goes on.

-About your music, could you tell us about the making and recording ? Describe your style.

We make our music mostly at our home studio where we can just focus and isolate away from all the big SSL's haha. TK will load a beat and chop it up and mix it on the spot, then we both start writing ideas or even turning on the mic and freestlying. We always try to capture the first emotion we get from the beat, so sometimes writing isn't always the go-to. Most of the time actually we prefer not writing. Once we get started it's like an energy in the room, it's magical really we will bounce ideas, make vocal notes, and structure it in our heads and within a short amount of time have a complete song. It just comes together like an unplanned puzzle. Anything can spark an idea too, just anything we see or feel, or read.
Our style is very versatile, we can do almost any type of song and make it sound great. Music is universal and that language can be understood by anybody so we don't want to box ourselves in any category. Even when you listen to a song you don't understand the language to, you can tell if the beat and melody is good, so it's all universal.

-We don't see any album from you, are you focused on making singles or do you plan to release an LP ?

Right now we plan on releasing more singles that are building up to a project that will release in the summer. We have a whole tape ready but with things constantly changing right now, we want to put the best product out and have something that will last forever. I think we got just that exactly.
You will get more singles as TK Savage & Keith Wonder, then we are gonna drop our first Wonder Gang project. Right now we have a single called OTC that's coming out that's gonna go crazy. We are trading verses back and forth discussing current situations in culture right now and stories of how we plan on executing our success in life. it has a bravadoeque rap style, and a heavy bass that's cuts through as we trade ideas rapping about relatable topics and present day issues.

-Will you sell your stuff on material (CD & records) or do you prefer the digital way ?

Songs and albums lasted more whenever people were putting out cds before streaming was major. This was better in the sense of fans could really digest a song all the way or a project. Digital is more innovative though, and you can put out a lot more substance and be connected with millions of people almost instantly. We definitely prefer digitally but appreciate the art in physical copies as well.

-Your feeling about the Rap game nowadays ?

The rap game right now is way less competitive than it used to be. There's a lot more tolerance of music that's not authentic, and almost anyone can be a rapper now a days haha. There's a blurred line of passionate artists and clout chasers. On a brighter spectrum though, it's a lot more music being made and there's something out there for everybody, more diverse now.

-Any new other project to come ?

We are excited for what's to come really and the world is ready. Our fans mean so much to us and we do all this for y'all. OTC is coming out this Friday and it's gonna be single for the summer for sure!

-Thank you guys and we wish you the best for the future !

Thank you for talking to us and we hope to talk to you some more in the near future.

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