Founded in 1986 by James Smith alias J Prince in Houston, Texas. Rap-A-Lot Records is probably the most productive independant label in the Rap History. More than 130 albums were released under the label, including many classic ones from The Geto Boys, Scarface, Willie D, Big Mike, Gangxta Nip, Blac Monks, 5th Ward Boyz, Devin The Dude, U.G.K., Z-Ro, Do Or Die... The records were manufactured and distributed by Priority Records (1991-94), Noo Trybe Records (1994-98), Virgin Records (1998-2004) and then Asylum Records.


All 2 Low 5th Ward Boyz 5th Ward Juvenilez A-G-2-A-Ke Big Mello Big Mike Big Syke Blac Monks Bun-B Bushwick Bill Choice Convicts Criminal Manne Def IV Devin The Dude Dirty DMG Do Or Die Dorasel F.W.C. (Fifth Ward Circle) Facemob Hussein Fatal Ganksta Nip Geto Boys Ghetto Twiinz Johnny C Johnny P. Luniz Mad CJ Mac Menace Clan Mr. 3-2 O.G. Style Odd Squad Outlawz Pimp C Raheem Royal Flush Scarface Seagram Snypaz Tela The Almighty RSO The Terrorists Tim Smooth Too Much Trouble Trae Trinity Garden Cartel UTP Willie D Yukmouth Z-Ro
Making Trouble Tape LP CD
Uh Oh! CD Tape
The Big Payback CD CD longbox
Mr. Scarface Is Back CD CD longbox LP
Bone Hard Zaggin CD CD longbox
I'M Goin' Out Lika Soldier CD CD longbox LP
The Dark Roads CD Tape