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Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Street Smart Records was launched by Tommy Wright III in the mid 90s. Locally famous for its underground tapes, the label gained nationwide recognition in the late 90s with the S.O.H. distribution and some ads in Murder Dog magazines. The many stories about Tommy Wright III also helped for this... The label produced many artists such as La Chat, Princess Loko, C9, Rivaside Clique, Manson Family, Ten Wanted Men, N.O.D., Womack Da Omen, Reality, K-Rock, C-Rock, Lil Jack, Lil Kuku, Lil Sko, Project Pimp, Mac-T-Dog, Jesse James, Lil Ramsey and Tommy Wright III of course. Nowadays, many of the underground tapes are remastered and released on CDs to front of the worldwide ask !


All C-Rock Lil' Sko Rivaside Clique Ten Wanted Men Tommy Wright III Womack Da Omen
Runnin-N-Gunnin Tape CDr
On The Run CD Tape
Ten Toes Down Tape CD